Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SJ - IM Android OS already on Google Play Market !

We're happy to present you the SJ IM for Android!

Months of designing, developing and polishing of your favorite messenger and here it happened! Long-awaited release of SJ IM for OS Android! It is available at Google Play by special price of $4,95 only!

 It is a limited time offer, click here to get it now!

The core features of SJ IM for OS Android:

  1. XMPP server support
  2. Google Talk support
  3. Automatic PGP encryption between SJ IM messengers
  4.  Support of all programs which use PGP
  5. Full support of the OTR (Off-the-record) protocol
  6. Extra handy history browser with filtering by dates, contacts etc.
  7. New design with re-worked interface and usability
  8. Access history by entering password
  9. File sending through safetyjabber.com and sendspace.com in password-protected archives.
And tons of other cool stuff and innovations.

Click here to learn more about OS Android SJ IM on it's web page.

Here are few screenshots of our program, so you can see what it finally has transformed to.

Add profile

Generate PGP keys

Generate PGP

Main Chat


Add profile

Main settings

Choise what to add

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions feel free to contact us by email or contact 'support@sj.ms' via IM.

Thank you for being with the SJ IM community!

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