Tuesday, June 9, 2015

PGPFiles for IOS already on the AppStore!

Hello wanted to tell the good news!
Our new multi-platform application for file encryption PGP is now available for users of IPhone, IPad.

With our app you can encrypt and decrypt any files PGP! Inside the application is implemented fully functional PGP whereby you can.
  • Generate PGP keys.
  • Import your PGP key
  • Encrypt files
  • Decrypt files.

It should be noted as well that you can use it the functional on any platform be it Windows, Android, IOS!
Thank you for your attention.

More on web site

Tuesday, May 19, 2015

PGPFiles official release for Windows 8, 8.1, 10.

PGPFiles official release for Windows 8, 8.1, 10.
Company Sj Software Development Group is pleased to present you our new application to encrypt files using the most reliable encryption algorithm PGP!
The application includes the following functions.

  • Generating PGP keys
  • Import PGP keys
  • PGP encryption of any files
  • Decrypt previously encrypted files PGP.

The app is currently only passed certification than Windows. In the near future will be the same application for Android, IOS, Mac OS.
Use the application is very easy!

More information can be found on the website application PGPFiles
Sincerely SJ Software Development Group!
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Monday, April 6, 2015

New product PGPTools from SJ Software Development Group.

Simple and reliable encoder text messages using encryption PGP!

Will allow you in one click to send an encrypted text message in any convenient way for you whether it is e-mail, skype, sms, etc. facebooki

The advantages of our encoder.

    ▪    Ability to use an unlimited number of PGP keys.
    ▪    The ability to import your PGP key.
    ▪    Ease of use.
    ▪    The minimum settings.
    ▪    Sending messages using any method - e-mail, skype, jabber, sms, etc.

More details on the application page here.

Currently available for Android version details can be found here. Tested under the IOS!

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Yours sincerely!
And best wishes SJ Software Development Group Limited.

Phones for communication.
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USA, New York: + 1-607-264-264-5
Russia, Moscow: + 7-499-918-649-0

Tuesday, August 19, 2014

SJ - IM Android OS already on Google Play Market !

We're happy to present you the SJ IM for Android!

Months of designing, developing and polishing of your favorite messenger and here it happened! Long-awaited release of SJ IM for OS Android! It is available at Google Play by special price of $4,95 only!

 It is a limited time offer, click here to get it now!

The core features of SJ IM for OS Android:

  1. XMPP server support
  2. Google Talk support
  3. Automatic PGP encryption between SJ IM messengers
  4.  Support of all programs which use PGP
  5. Full support of the OTR (Off-the-record) protocol
  6. Extra handy history browser with filtering by dates, contacts etc.
  7. New design with re-worked interface and usability
  8. Access history by entering password
  9. File sending through safetyjabber.com and sendspace.com in password-protected archives.
And tons of other cool stuff and innovations.

Click here to learn more about OS Android SJ IM on it's web page.

Here are few screenshots of our program, so you can see what it finally has transformed to.

Add profile

Generate PGP keys

Generate PGP

Main Chat


Add profile

Main settings

Choise what to add

If you have any questions, ideas or suggestions feel free to contact us by email or contact 'support@sj.ms' via IM.

Thank you for being with the SJ IM community!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Update IOS 1,9!

Update iOS 1,9!The March update iOS version !At the moment, the actual version 1.9 of iOS devices 24,03,2014 .

List of fixes and new features.

  1. Changed the interface to add accounts ( profiles ) .
  2. Increased stability of the program .
  3. Added the ability to delete all history.
  4. Fixed several bugs
  5. Add OTR (Off-the-Record Messaging)
Huge request to all who are not indifferent to users with any questions or suggestions mail us tor to our jabber support@sj.ms.

What is being done now :
  • Add OSCAR protocol (ICQ)
Any questions and suggestions please send to e-mail or knock on jabber support@sj.ms

Yours! And best wishes SJ Software Development Group Limited.

Cyprus, Nicosia: + 3-572-203-029-6 
USA, New York: +1-607-264-264-5 
Russia, Moscow: +7-499-918-649-0

Thursday, September 19, 2013

SJ iOS Update 1.5 (Iphone,Ipad)

The long awaited version SJ 1.5 has finally been released.

Without getting into great detail about each and every improvement being released in the new version, lets discuss the main improvements. Perhaps the most important improvement concerns having successfully navigated through Apple's customary restrictions. The new version now works in the background and is able to send push notifications. Additionally, many software bugs have been corrected, improving the usability and improving the look of the user interface when viewed on Retina displays.

We also took into consideration your feedback about the chat not being able to fit enough messages on the screen, and fixed this. We've also added two new chat functions. These are a smaller balloon-style messaging interface or a plain text chat style. 


The new version 1.5 now works much smoother and is more stable than the older version. All bugs identified in the new version will be fixed prior to the release of the upcoming version 1.6. Please be patient as we work to perfect every function.

Our software is unique and is one of a kind in its space. We ask you the user to please understand that all development is done using our own resources alone and is based on our enthusiasm for improvement. The resources we expend on development may never be recuperated, and we understand this.
We ask you to please support our efforts with a positive comment in the AppStore.

We work very hard so you may comfortably and safely be able to communicate using your iOS device.

SJ - Perfect Security in your Life

SJ in AppStore

Friday, January 18, 2013

Updated iOS App!

Are pleased to announce that SJ IM for iOS updated to store App Store.

The basic modifications that are made in version 1.3.
  1.      Program settings are not stored on the device - for security
  2.      Adapting to iOS 6.0
  3.      Adapting the design of the iPhone 5
  4.      Modifying the interface and usability in versions for iPhone
  5.      Improved stability of the program.
  6.      Counters work properly notified of new messages. 
These are the main improvements that have been released with the new version of the program, but not all of the updates that were made to the version under the IOS.

Official description version on safetyjabber.com

Page SJ IM on the app store

Thank you for your attention next week will be an upgrade version of Windows SJ - IM

Regards SJ Software Development Group Limited

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